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The SCOA Breeder Referral Committee has representatives from each region of the United States. This committee responds to requests for information about the availability of saluki, both adults and puppies. These requests may come from a variety of sources.

The SCOA and its Breeder Referral Committee are made up of unpaid volunteers. These volunteers give free information about the Saluki breed, and provide free help so people interested in Salukis can get in touch with breeders/owners of Salukis. The breeders/owners on the SCOA breeder referral lists are both SCOA members and non-members. The SCOA members have agreed to abide by specific SCOA rules, however non-members have not. As a volunteer organization, SCOA's Breeder Referral Committee does not independently investigate compliance with these rules, even with SCOA members. Therefore, the SCOA, its Breeder Referral Committee, and their volunteers disclaim all responsibility for the actions or representations of the breeders/owners on its lists, and disclaim all responsibility for the conduct, characteristics, qualities, health, pedigree, and temperament of any Saluki encountered through the SCOA breeder referral program. We do recommend that you utilize the article entitled "SCOA's: What To Expect From A Responsible Breeder" in making your decision. The SCOA and its volunteers hope our free service helps you decide whether a Saluki is the dog for you, whether yours is the right home for a Saluki, and if the answer to both is "yes", how the two of you can find each other!
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