You Are Considering Owning A Saluki, So Now What Do You Do? 

Remember, the Saluki is an uncommon breed for good reason:

It is not a dog for everyone. Make sure you get the right breed for you, both for the dog's sake and yours. This is a 10-17 year commitment!

 Step 1:  Educate

Educate Yourself, about this or ANY breed you consider.

Read the Information on Our Website. 

Each article has been written by people who have owned this breed for years. Each article is important. These first 4 articles will supply you with the information you need to make an educated decision as to whether a Saluki could be the right breed for you.

"Is A Saluki For You?"

"History of the Saluki"

"Responsible Ownership of a Saluki"

"Saluki Activities"

 Check Out These Books:

 We recommend you read at least two of the following books. All three are excellent and each will give you different insights into the breed.

The Complete Saluki by Ken and Diana Allan
ISBN 0-87605-274-X

The Saluki in History, Art and Sport by Hope & David Waters
Reprinted Hoflin Publishing
Arvada, Colorado 80003

Saluki: Companion of Kings by Vera Watkins
ISBN 0 903879 10 7

Want More to Read?

 A more extensive list of books, magazines, newsletters, and videos that can be ordered on this breed is located at: "Additional Sources of Information"

Meet Salukis and Their Owners/Breeders.

 Visit at least one or two homes of people who have Salukis in your part of the U.S. Talking to people who know what it is like to live with Salukis, while meeting their hounds in their home environment, is one of the very best ways to get to know the breed. Since Salukis are uncommon, there may not be a lot of homes to choose from within driving distance. We can help you find these people. Look further down this page for the link the Breeder Referral Committee. Your information will be passed on to a committee member in your area who can give you a list of owners to visit. Don't skip down there--you still have some important information to read first--just keep on scrolling down!

 Step 2:  Decide - Adult or Puppy - Which Is Best for You?

Puppies: Raising a puppy demands a long-term commitment of time and money.

 SCOA: "Buying a Saluki Puppy"

Adults: Bringing an adult into your home requires different adjustments than would a new puppy.

Step 3: Looking For A Responsible Saluki Breeder - an important part of the process.

How Do You Define A Responsible Breeder?

 SCOA:  "What To Expect From A Responsible Breeder" - a composite of the experience/opinions of over 20 members of the Saluki Club of America

Can SCOA Help You Locate Breeders?

Absolutely YES! Scroll down to find the link to the SCOA Breeder Referral committee. Don't forget to read the DISCLAIMER in the colored box below. Please understand that while any parent club can work very hard at keeping ethics an important part of its membership program, no one can guarantee someone else's actions or practices at all times.

READ THE FOLLOWING before contacting our Breeder Referral Committee

The SCOA and its Breeder Referral Committee are made up of unpaid volunteers. These volunteers give free information about the Saluki breed, and provide free help so people interested in Salukis can get in touch with breeders/owners of Salukis. The breeders/owners on the SCOA breeder referral lists are both SCOA members and non-members. The SCOA members have agreed to abide by specific SCOA rules, however non-members have not. As a volunteer organization, SCOA's Breeder Referral Committee does not independently investigate compliance with these rules, even with SCOA members. Therefore, the SCOA, its Breeder Referral Committee, and their volunteers disclaim all responsibility for the actions or representations of the breeders/owners on its lists, and disclaim all responsibility for the conduct, characteristics, qualities, health, pedigree, and temperament of any Saluki encountered through the SCOA breeder referral program. We do recommend that you utilize the article entitled "SCOA's: What To Expect From A Responsible Breeder" in making your decision. The SCOA and its volunteers hope our free service helps you decide whether a Saluki is the dog for you, whether yours is the right home for a Saluki, and if the answer to both is "yes", how the two of you can find each other!

SCOA Breeder Referral Committee: For puppies and adults available from responsible breeders or owners.

 Rescue Organizations: SCOA's Rescue Liaison -- Adults or puppies that have been rescued.